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Weber Q Barbecue – Top 5 Reasons To Buy One

Weber Q Barbecue

Weber make some pretty good looking barbecues, and the Weber Q barbecue is no exception, that’s actually one of the reasons you need one in your life but i’ll expand on that one shortly, thanks for stopping by and I’ll get on with the show.

Weber Q Barbecue

How Good Is The Weber Q Barbecue?

It’s 4.6 stars good! over 730 reviewers on Amazon have voted it 5 stars and many of them outright state that they have owned a smaller electric barbecue grill before and say that this model is better in pretty much every way.

One reviewer says as he lives in a condo purchasing something like this is easy for him to replicate the true barbecue experience. He goes on to do a time test against his previous Char-Broil infrared grill. Want to see the results for a medium rare burger?

Char-broil: 8 mins approx

Weber Q Barbecue: 5-6 minutes approx

He goes on to say that it heats up much quicker and retains heat a bit better than his previous purchase.

It Looks Pretty Cool

Looks are aesthetically pleasing to some people. Barbecues really should be all about functionality. If you can cook from it then go for it. But some people, I’m not saying you’re one of them, do like a product that fits in with their lifestyle.

You can invest in a Weber Q Barbecue that has a different colour shell to maximise its Feng Shui.

Ergonomics Is Everything

Just looking good isnt quite enough, ergonomics needs to play a really important part if the user experience is going to be a 5 star rating for most people.

Weber have gone and matched their ever increasing standards witht his portable little piece of equipment.

280 Square inches of cooking surface means you can fit up to 12 hamburger patties on there at any one given moment in time. That’s a lot of cooking! You’re not going to be making massive amounts of brisket but this product is meant for home cooking with a more personal touch. If you do want to make some brisket and smoke the hell out of it check out the beginners guide to smokers and see if you find something you like.

Clip On Side Plates Make Life Easy

From the images I’e already shared, you’re probably aware that there’s two little side plates for putting a plate on to scoop off your cooked deliciousness ready to dish out.

They don’t come attached and just make the whole thing that much more portable. If we take a look at the last reason to buy a Weber Q Barbecue then ergonomics would play a big part in this too. It does make life easy, it looks good with them, it looks great without them. They do make life easy though I’m sure you’ll agree.

Detachable Catch Pan Makes Cleaning Up A Breeze

If you’re anything like me, cleaning is one of my most hated past times. If you can even call it a past time. It’s definitely a chore. I mutter to myself “I hate cleaning up” pretty much every single time i have to do it…

But with a detachable catch pan, a tough job was just made easy. Get some hot water, let it soak for a bit and you’re life is easy once again. With it being so compact you may even find it fits in your dishwasher! Don’t hold me to that though, i don’t know how big your dishwasher is!

But What Are The Disadvantages Of Buying A Weber Q Barbecue?

There’s always a downside to buying something. Sometimes it’s a tough choice to make when the good and the bad are at equal arms. Sometimes you want something so so bad that you’re prepared to make the big deals, little deals and get on with it. Here’s what I found to be the most disadvantageous reasons to getting something so cool

Some Assembly Required For The Weber Q

Not a complete package by any means but if you own a Philips screwdriver you’ll be fine to purchase this one. It’s something that has come as a bit of a shock to some condo dwellers that don’t actually own one and find that having to go out and buy one is an added pain that they could do without…

Cleaning Required!

One reviewer says that he had to clean it once a month in order to keep it running smoothly after everyday use. If you’re a lazy cleaner and prefer not to clean your grill every time you use it this may not be the grill for you!

What Are You Waiting For?

So the downsides may not be something to put you off. The Weber Q Barbecue is a thing of innovation and a joy to use for most people. Let’s go and see if it’s in your budget range (which I’m guessing it just might be)

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