Tim: the_barbecue_dude_official

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Hi! I’m Tim!

So – the_barbecue_dude_official, that’s Tim, a 37 year old husband and (now) proud father of 2. I have always loved to cook ( I learnt it from my Grandma when I was young), I am eager to learn about new ingredients, spices and recipes from other cultures.

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I’m very curious and just love to try new things. And what can I say, all that BBQ and grilling and smoking stuff just comes with it over time. I just found out, that homemade food is always better and healthier than shop bought stuff, so I just prefer to do everything on my own. And this is exactly how I prefer my burgers, 100% homemade.

Where Did I Start?

It began with a meat grinder I found on my grandmas attic. I was curious and just began to mince my own meat, make my own sausages. Since the day I made my first burger patty, I would never again eat a shop bought one. The difference in taste can simply not be put into words. You have to try it. 

meat grinding mixed meats
Mix meat for best results, you’ll be glad you did!

I’ve tried and tested a few patty-blends over the years, I think the best mixture is; 33% try-tip-steak, 33% beef brisket and 33% chuck eye roast.

Make some 300 gram patties of that and you’ll end up in heaven.

Try-tip, Brisket, Chick eye roast meats.

Everything I Do Is Home Made

Homemade tomato sauce/ ketchup is always in the house of course – so is bacon jam (DM for recipes). The buns have to be homemade too, of course.

They are just so much better that bought ones. And they are done within a few minutes – not a lot of work but definitely worth it. 

Bread Recipe

home made bread rolls
Home made bread rolls

Mix 175ml of warm water with 50ml of warm milk, 40 grams of sugar and a cube of fresh yeast.

Mix 12 grams of salt with 550 grams flour, 100 grams of butter and 1 egg.

Mix it all together and let it rest for an hour or so.

Form 90 gram buns out of the dough and let them rest for another half hour.

Brush a bit of warm milk over the buns and pour some sesame seeds over it (if you like it). Put it in the oven for 20 minutes (220°).

Now you have pretty much everything in place – homemade patties, homemade buns, bacon jam and tomato sauce.

You can add everything you like – mustard (which is very easy to make on your own! It takes minutes) or some mayonnaise.

I like to mix some mayonnaise with chilli flakes for my personal burger . 

Time For Grilling

Well, just put the patties on your grill (I do prefer charcoal grilling), direct heat for about 5 minutes on each side. then indirect for another 5-10 minutes.

Your patties should now be medium, light pink in colour and very juicy. You can put cheese on top and let it melt for a few minutes. I prefer a mid aged cheddar.

You can then start to build your burger – I’ll tell you how I have mine. 
Start with some mayonnaise/chilli mix on the bun.

Put patty on top. Pinch a bit of Halen Môn Angelsey Sea Salt over the patty (secret ingredient ), add bacon jam, tomato sauce, tomato slice, cucumber and onion.

Put upper side of the bun on top and well, start your trip to food heaven. 
I bet you’ll love it! But – caution – you cannot go back. Once you had one go those homemade little buddies, you can never ever have a bought burger again. 

Tims’ home made burgers! Delicious!

Food For Thought?

Tim makes a brilliant case for making home made burgers. When i first read Tims description I have to admit, my mouth was watering from the start! Why not give his recipe a go and see how it turns out?

If it’s a success then let us know! Let Tim know! Let your family know! Tell everyone about meatsmokerhq and the_barbecue_dude_official you owe it to yourself and the world of BBQ!

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