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A Pellet Smokers Guide To Being Awesome

If you’re in the market for some pellet smokers then you’ve come to the right place, take some time to check out everything presented and

How Long Does It Take To Smoke My Favourite Meat?

Once when I was just a whelp I purchased a second hand electric smoker and started testing things out, experimenting if you will. I developed a process around soaking wood chips and putting them in a metal tray just above the heating element. The smoke would rise up and infuse with my meat.

My results were a bit hit and miss, sometimes I’d make something so truly delicious it would never be recreated in the history of existence. Sometimes I wouldn’t even give it to the dog it was that bad. In my mind the most difficult thing to master was just being patient. I found it difficult to wait 10/12 hours for a massive hunk of beef to smoke fully and let it fall apart in awesome deliciousness.

If you know for sure you can get up early to start a smoking session you’ll have the patience to wait it out for the perfect smoke. If you’ve never smoked before check out the best grills to start smoking with and you’ll find some cheap ones in there. Check out this super awesome table. I’m a big fan of tables, they give so much and ask for naught in return.

Should I buy A Vertical Pellet Smoker Or Horizontal Pellet Smoker? Which One Is Better?

Besides the obvious physical differences, the way they cook and smoke meat is very different. Vertical pellet smokers and built to smoke and roast, the way they are designed means that they cannot grill any food as the heat source is usually further away from the meat.

On the other hand Horizontal pellet smokers can bake, grill smoke and there’s makes and models that will give you a direct flame broiling experience. If we’re talking about smoking, vertical pellet smokers tend to be the superior in the art of smoking.

Vertical Pellet Smokers

If you want an authentic great time with your food, then you want a vertical pellet smoker. I tend to find that food comes out much richer and far smokier if you cook in a vertical smoker.

A buddy of mine has a Pit Boss and he swears by it! There’s going to be others out there that will contend and be better. Compared to a horizontal smoker they’re generally lighter and way easier to make your way around as you’re just dealing with one side and don’t need to move around as much. Overall they’re much easier to clean and just plain better.

You can’t grill food with a vertical smoker though, please bear that in mind when you picture your fend result. The thermometer will tell you it can get up to 450+ degrees but it’s more like an oven. You can still bake, roast and smoke your meats but you can’t sear like you’d be able to on a grill.

Horizontal Pellet Smoker Grills

Operating a pellet grill and pellet smoker are largely the same thing, you need to do a few things like clean the firebox, fill the hopper with pellets, plug it into a power source and bam you’re away! Pre heating usually takes 5 minutes with the lid or door open. When the pellets have been lit and the first round of smoke has cleared out, set the temperature and close it up. You’ll have to wait another few minutes before your desired temperature settles, this is where the best bit starts though! Put your meats on the shelves or on the grill and get smoking!

Pellet smoking is different from your regular charcoal grilling, there’s no smelly lighter fluid, messy coals. On the plus side you can make a start on cooking far sooner and you don’t have to wait until the coals are glowing hot to start cooking.

Is A Pellet Grill The Same As A Pellet Smoker?

Although they bear different names and look slightly different it’s kind of yes and kind of no. Using each one is the same, they both function almost identically, the one single biggest difference is the design. 

In order to offer a large single layer grilling space pellet grills are usually horizontal. In a pellet grill you can cook, grill, bake, roast, and smoke in a pellet grill. I’ve even seen people adding a cast iron skillet to the grill to heat up to fry and sear steaks. They are fantastic multipurpose smoking grills.

Show Me Some Smokers!

Okay, so I’ve explained some pretty topical stuff about pellet smokers and I’ll bet your juices are flowing quite nicely. Here’s 5 of the top rated pellet smokers I can find.

Pit Boss Grills 77550

Pit Boss are a great brand name for BBQ’ing. It’s a bit like Jack Daniels for Whiskey. You know you’re getting a good product when you go with these guys.

This model is able to record temperatures of up to 450 degrees! It also has a tray capacity that borders on insanity with up to 40 lbs of smokey pelletness. There’s something you’re not going to see with many other pellet smokers.

  • Porcelain Coated cooking racks
  • Digital LED temperature readout with meat probe
  • Fully programmable 150-450 degree temperature range
  • 1830 square inches of cooking space

Pit Boss have made another innovation with their 7 series range and completely changed the vertical smoking range. They’ve included a top level pellet hopper to make things even easier when it comes to refreshing your pellets. Double walled construction and blanket insulation will give you the peace of mind you need to start smoking all the way through to the tender goodness inside.

Product Dimension28 x 29 x 53 inches
Item Weight131 pounds
Shipping Weight146 pounds
Model Number77550
Rating3.9 stars

There’s a few different variations of this model and they only get bigger with more cooking space, click the button to go and check it out on Amazon.

Z GRILLS ZPG-450A 2020

Z Grills show off their manufacturing greatness with their offering of the horizontal pellet smokers side of the vertical/horizontal smoker battle. With the 2020 upgrade model you’ll get the 8 in 1 BBQ extravaganza!

With over 30 years manufacturing of super quality equipment these guys know what it takes when making the perfect cooking experience.