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Is smoking meat better than grilling?

This is quite a common question, it’s quite a broad one too, it could all be on account for taste, time, end product quality. There’s a few things to look at so I’ll do a versus style article about the who’s who over the “is smoking meat better than grilling” question

Lets take a look at some of the benefits of grilling first:

You Eat Less Fat

When you’re cooking meat, it drips off onto the coals and from there it burns the coals just a little bit hotter and therefore not consuming as much.

Vegetables On The Grill Are Better For You

A lot of people dont realise that grilling vegetables enables them to retain most of their nutrients and all the good healthy stuff in them. Even more so with veggies that have lower water concentration in them.

As they’re usually fresh this is also a plus side to the health kick you’ll be getting. Wrapping them in tinfoil is also one step better than just boiling them or frying them up.

Meats Also Retain Nutrients

The first searing effects lock in the good stuff like thiamine and riboflavin. These two nutrients play a frontal role in a healthy diet and have many benefits associated with them.

Grilling Goes With Outdoor Activities

Okay, so this one could be said for smoking too, and I’ll definitely be including it as it is a benefit to both. Not only does being outside in some sunshine help with your Vitamin D levels, you can play games and run around with the kids, play some ball, throw some discs. I think we can all admit its a great benefit.

Grilling round up

So grilling has its advantages, some or all of the possibilities might be said for smoking too, but lets take a look at the benefits of how smoking can be considered better than grilling.

Benefits Of Smoking

Flavour! Flavour! Flavour!

Without doubt the top benefit has to be the flavour a smoker brings to the food you cook. Depending on the different types of wood you use in your smoker, you can create all kinds of tasteful masterpieces. If you want something to be appetising, make it look and taste fantastic!

Smoking Kills Bacteria

Smoking your food at high temperatures kills of bacteria and slows down the rate of multiplication in others.

It Makes Food Look AWESOME!

Smoking changes the colour of the meat and this in turn also makes it more appetising. It gives it a nice shine that you wouldnt be able to achieve any other way.

Smoking Is An Outdoor Activity

I mentioned this one earlier and I told you I’d bring it up again. Smoking, for sure, is an outdoor activity. You’d clear a home out in minutes if you attempted to spark up one of those bad boys in an apartment. Out doors is the best place to BBQ

Smoking Round Up

I think my enthusiasm makes you lean towards smoking in the is smoking meat better than grilling debate?

Grilling is probably easier and slightly more cost effective than smoking but overall smoking comes out on top. You may consider me biased as I run an entire website devoted to smoking meats but it’s just the truth. Smoking adds another dimension to your cooking. It tastes better, it cooks better, plus burning stuff is always more fun!


Grilling is going to be a more intense heat with shorter cooking times. You’re generally going to cook small bits of food individually for 10/15 minutes. Smoking is cooked using a lower heat but can last for anywhere between an hour and a week! You did read that bit right, a week!

Grilling equals hot and fast, smoking equals low and slow! Remember that and keep it tucked away the next time you’re thinking about having a BBQ.

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