Interview With The BBQ’er

On the World Wide Web there’s every kind of stuff you can imagine! You can buy self cleaning toilets or find information regarding my little pony clubs for men only. If you travelled back 50 years and said to someone “In the future you will have a device that fits in your pocket and it has access to every piece of information the world has ever known” You’d be called crazy.

Some people use information for nefarious purposes. We’ve kept things in line with the information we know and have reached out to some of the BEST BBQ’ers, Smokers, Builders and Recipe comer uppers.

Take some time to see some of the best of the best we’ve managed to get on board to share some secrets with you guys.

Guest Posters

The Barbecue Dude Official

Our very first guest poster Tim shows us how to make some spectacular home made burgers. He’s set the bar high! And I mean super high. Follow through to meet Tim and see his home made burger recipe.

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