There are different types of smokers. I’ll make a quick break down of each type of smoker and provide an handy link to another page where you can find out in more detail and find some examples of the different types of smoker there are.

Electric Smoker Units

Electric smokers are pretty self explanatory. They use a heating element powered by electricity. The heating element is almost always right at the bottom of the unit and just above it sits the chip tray, water bowl and then above that are the racks for your food to sit on and cook.

electric smokers

Electric smokers are great for beginners and are really simple to set up and use. Cleaning across all of them is probably one of the most hateful things about them but cleaning is never a fun job no matter what you’re cleaning.

Gas Smoker Units

Gas smokers is another that requires very little explaining. They use LPG (Liquid propane gas) to burn and heat up the whole unit. These types of smokers are a little more portable and sit at the lower end of the cost scale.

Gas smokers are also a great choice for beginners too as they’re really simple to use, maintain and clean.

Pellet Smoker Units

These smokers are for the little more adventurous of the lot of you. These are a good choice to make if you love a good BBQ! Pellet smokers use little round biscuit type blocks of wood and these are fed into the unit over time automatically to keep the flames going.

pellet smokers