The Gas Smokers Sizzling Guide

If you’re doing research because you want a smoker and have come across the gas smokers section then you’re in for a treat. If you’re till doing research why not check out the Electric Smokers page or carry on reading, it’s up to you, you’re the boss.

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5 Tips For Gas Smokers

Keep Your Smoker Clean

One of the appeals of cooking with gas is that it’s a clean fuel source, so ideally you’d want your food to stay that way too right? It may sound like a housekeeping tip but don’t cancel out the appeal by letting food charcoal build up on the grates or on the inside of the smoker. You will regret it trust me.

Smoke Meat At The Proper Temperature

Gas smokers are designed to cook food at lower temperatures for longer than your regular charcoal or wood smokers. To use a gas smoker you’ll need to prepare for a longer cooking time. Most decent stacks come with built in thermometers but if you want true precision then maybe invest in a digital thermometer. You can swap most of them out these days without too much fuss to keep an eye on whats really going on inside your new purchase.

Do A Dry Run First

It probably goes without saying but, read the manufacturers instructions. We all know that smoking food is an alpha thing to do but these instructions are actually there to help. Do a dry run first and heat it up, checking the temperatures when you add in some chips and smoke it out to burn off any manufacturing oils and give it a good smokey clean.

Don’t Be Tempted to Open The Door To Look At Your Beautiful Beautiful Food

This is like a cake baking tip. Every time you open the door you’ll lose a significant amount of heat. Best practice is to open the door after 1.5 hours to 2 hours.

If you really want to keep an eye on your grub while its cooking get a smoker with a glass viewing screen so you can keep a proper eye on it, not totally necessary so don’t let it be the be all and end all of your smoking experience.

Pre Heat Your Smoker

Pre heating acts as a disinfection after your clean-before-you-use. Keep it hot for about 15 minutes before putting your food in to welcome it to the smoke.

Lets Get On With The Show

By now you’ll have read these tips and be all like “I’m getting me an gas smoker!” And you’d have good reason to want one too, they’re portable, handy and they do the job just right too, even if you don’t have the fuel available to smoke it out.

Without any further delay, i present to you, 5 gas smokers.

Dyna-Glo DGY784BDP
dyna-glo gas smokers

Dyna-Glo have an extremely loyal fan base. With an average 4.5 star rating on Amazon one of the reviews is like a novel going into aspects most of us would never even think of – “The tomatoes gave up their skin with ease!” Don goes on to say.

It goes without saying that customer service is something these guys take very very seriously, if there’s ever anything wrong they’ll get it sorted in a jiffy!

  • 4 Adjustable steel wire racks to shelve plenty of food to smoke!
  • 784 square inches of cooking space for all those bigger sized smoking sessions
  • Double door design, an upper and lower door for better heating/smoking. Sliding air dampeners and a nice decorative temperature gauge.
  • CSA certified 1 year warranty
Product Dimensions27" x 19.2" x 46.5"
Item Weight54 Pounds
Shipping Weight73.1 Pounds
Model NumberDGY784BDP

If an ultimate smoke combined with stellar ratings then this could be the gas smoker you’re looking for, click the button to check out the prices on Amazon.

PIT BOSS 77435

Pit Boss have taken the aesthetics og manufacturing to a totally different level, these things not only smoke beautiful food, but look awesome while doing it too.

There’s a new boss in town! the Pit Boss Red Rock Gas Smoker Series is here with the Red Rock Gas Smoker. You can reach low temperatures as 100°F and temperatures as high as 350°F for the best low and slow smoking experience. There’s a massive front viewing window that eliminates peek-a-boo cooking temperature drops and an elevated frame makes moving meat to your face a simple thing to do.

  • 884 squared inches of cooking heaven!
  • 3 porcelain coated cooking grids
  • External access wood chip drawer and grease tray
  • Dual valve burner system for the 100-350 degree range
Product Dimensions21.5" x 23" x 47"
Item Weight52 Pounds
Shipping Weight68 Pounds
Model NumberB078PRCDGX

Pit Boss have an impressive range to go with their smokers, they even make their own sauces and flavoured wood chips. Don’t pass up an opportunity to have a 100% pit boss experience, i’m sure it would be worth your while.

Click the button to take you to the correct page for this particular gas smoker, you won’t be sorry you did.

Camp Chef Smoke Vault

Infuse your meats with delicious scented woodland flavours with the Smoke Vault. The simple system is easy enough for beginners to empower you to make smoked goods you simply wouldn’t be able to make any other way.You can use the Smoke vault gas smoker to cook a wide variety of foods from ribs to salmon! I bet you’d be surprised to find that you can bake pies and bread too.

It has fully adjustable, heat-control dials with three damper valves, and a thermometer on the door to give you a hand monitoring the temperatures inside the smoker. Cooking temperatures vary from 160° F to 400° F. If meat smoking is a new way of cooking for you, fear not! The manual comes with cooking tips, cooking ideas, recipes and of course, instructions as i mentioned earlier. Invest in a smoke vault to lock in your favourite flavors.

  • Convenient matchless snap ignition technology
  • Jerky smoking rack
  • Three adjustable damper valves
  • Heavy gauge steel wood chip tray
Product Dimensions30.2" x 18.8" x 17"
Item Weight63.5 Pounds
Shipping Weight66 Pounds
Model NumberSMV18S
Weber Smokey Mountain Cooker
weber smokey mountain gas smoker

Low and Slow is what the smokey mountain cooker smoker is all about. You can have the first bite of tender, fall-off-the-bone meat and know that it’s worth waiting that extra moment for. This gas smoker smoker has two cooking grates for smoking a bunch of different meat items all at once, and dampeners to easily adjust temperature. When you use a smokey mountain gas cooker, there’s nothing quite like waiting all day for dinner, and that’s a good thing.

  • Built in lid thermometer
  • Rust resistant metal legs
  • Plated steel cooking grates
  • Rated 5 stars by over 2,000 people!

Sometimes, less is more. In this case the old adage fits the bill in every way shape and form, its small in size, and small in price too, it’s one of the cheaper ones in the market. As i mentioned, it’s been rated 5 stars by over 2,000 people so you’ know you’re in some great hands.

Masterbuilt MB20051316 Mps 340g XL
masterbuilt gas smokers

Masterbuilt featured in the electric smokers in a tasty guide. Here they come again with another one of their finely built smoking machines, the confusingly named MB20051316.

Masterbuilt are a well known brand famous for their food cooking builds. They include patent pending technologies in their gas smokers and are a forward thinking innovative company that understands how to cook a good rack of ribs.

  • Temperature sensor controls gas burner to maintain desired temperatures
  • Safety valve closes off the burner if the flame is extinguished
  • Heat diffuser evenly distributes heat above the burner
  • Tank fuel level gauge displays remaining LPG in tank
Product Dimensions18.1" x 23.3" x 32.8"
Item Weight103.3 Pounds
Shipping Weight108 Pounds
Model NumberMB20051316

You’re not gonna go wrong if you choose a Masterbuilt smoker of any kind, click the button below to check out the prices.

Why Should You Buy A Gas Smoker

So you’ve checked out the top tips and seen some pretty sweet smokers. There’s still something at the back of your mind, why should you buy a gas smoker? I’ll give you 3 reasons why its a good idea!

Fuel Is Cheap And Abundant

Once you’ve got your tank, theres plenty of places to get it refilled from. Your local home improvemnt store will almost certainly have a section where you can get it refilled, it doesnt even take long to do if that’s all you’re there for. If you have other things to get, simply drop it off and collect it when you’re ready.

It’s also pretty cheap to refill. You’ll get a good few sessions out of a tank too so once it’s full, you won’t have to worry about coming back to the store in order to make sure all your food is cooked properly.

They’re Truly Portable

With the likes of an electric smoker, you need a power source to keep the heating element up to scratch to make sure you don’t poison yourself. With a gas smoker, you can take it with you, drive for miles, get it out and spark it up. Nothing else is required besides the tank and the smoker. Obviously you’ll need food and wood chips of course but that’s a given really.

Internal Temperatures Are Easily Maintained

Some of the smokers featured on this page are smart enough to know when to add a bit more fuel to keep the temperature at the one you want. With gas smokers it’s a bit easier to maintain a constant heat and have your meat cooked throughout

There Is A Drawback Though

As these are much cheaper than other types of smoker, the construction of them could be considered somewhat flimsy. If you’re a hardcore BBQ fan and want to cook once or twice a week then you may want to look for something a little more sturdy

There are some quite illustrious smokers out there that have modified their own to give them a little bit more strength when it comes to overall sturdiness, if you’re not a fan of bodging stuff together then take a look at some other smokers that will suit your needs.