Best Meats To Smoke

There’s no science to choosing your meats. It’s just choose your favourite meat and smoke it! Here’s some of the more widely chosen meats and best meats to smoke due to a few factors like availability, ease, cost etc. Choosing the right fuel or smoker will also make an impact on the choice of meat you’re most likely to choose, especially if you’re the adventurous type.

Beef Brisket

best meats to smoke smoked beef brisket
Smoked Beef Brisket! Cooked To Perfection.

Arguably one of the most talked about meats for smoking. A quick google search and you’ll probably find it mentioned ten times in the top ten featured snippets.

best meats to smoke smoked beef

There’s places like Texas where BBQ is all about beef, they absolutely love it down there. I’ve also heard people say that Brisket isn’t just a food, it’s a concept. You need to understand it properly to do it perfectly.

A good rub also comes in handy when smoking meat, check out this rub that combines paprika, maple sugar, garlic powder and cayenne pepper on top of a few others to make your own home made flavour.

Pork Shoulder

best meats to smoke honey glazed pork shoulder
Honey Glazed Pork Shoulder

Pork shoulder is a relatively cheap meat that’s also a bit tough that is layered with fat. Don’t be fooled if you ever see this meat advertised as Boston Butt, it’s the same thing so purchase away if this is the meat you’re looking for.

best meats to smoke pig dimensions
Nice little piggy diagram

Pork and beef ribs

Check out the piggy diagram above to see the origin location of the meat is from. Hopefully it wont come as a shock to you that ribs come from the rib cage, whether it be a piggy or a moo moo, same place, different flavour.

Ribs are an extremely popular choice for smoking, there’s not many people in the world that don’t enjoy ribs when they go for a BBQ. This is definitely one of the best meats to smoke!

BBQ Smoked Ribs
Smoked Ribs, a wise choice for any BBQ

Mixing in a few common home ingredients like sugar, paprika and garlic powder and you have yourself one tasty meal right there!