how to cook smoked gammon

Cooking Smoked Gammon – How To

Cooking Smoked Gammon

Cooking Smoked Gammon is probably one of the more widely known meats to smoke in the meat smoking business. It’s ease to accomplish and extremely beautiful and full flavour makes it one of the most popular ways for a beginner to get into meat smoking (maybe save for brisket)

Follow this step by step guide to find out the best way to earn peoples trust with a food selection.


Before you start anything, try out this real simple tip to make your joint taste even better, you’ll be cooking for several hours anyway and doing this the night before will make it that little bit more enjoyable.

Draw Out The Saltiness

These days when you buy a good bit of gammon from your local butcher it’ll come wet cured and the problem with that is you’d have to boil it in a pot to draw out the saltiness of it and you may have noticed the drawback here that it will already be cooked at that point and that’s something we’re going to avoid if we want to smoke it.

Cover It In Milk

Yup, take it out of the wrapper, place the gammon inside a pot and pour milk all over it until it is completely submerged and leave it overnight. The milk draws out most of the salt and you’ll be ready to start prepping.

Dab down the gammon once you’ve poured the milk away and score it criss cross. Add in some cloves in the segments and you’re ready to start cooking!

scoring smoked gammon
Scored and Cloved

Get your Smoker Hot

Whatever type of smoker you’re using, you’ll want to get your smoker up to 210/215 degrees before you think about putting the meat in.

Check out the smokers page to see the different types of smokers and how they use different types of fuel to smoke meats. Today’s example is going to be cooked using a charcoal smoker and using some nice Applewood Chunks. I’ve shared a great post where you can see loads of different types of wood to smoke with certain meats.

Put your gammon on and leave it for about 90 minutes. While you’re waiting start making a glaze if you haven’t bought one already that is.

Glaze Ingredients

Cane Sugar200g
Dijon Mustard60g
Ground Cinnamon1/2 tsp
Ground Nutmeg1/2 tsp
All Spice1/2 tsp

Pour all the ingredients into a pan together and stir it up as you bring it to the boil. Now all you need to do is sit back and wait until your 90 minutes is up on the gammon to put the first coat of your home made glaze on.

Look What I Have Created! Fire!

An Hour And A Half Later

When time’s up, your gammon should look something like this decidedly wonderful morsel. Get your pan to hand and get ready to apply the first coating of your glaze.

Apply A Coat Of Glaze

Apply a nice liberal coating of the glaze and get back to cooking again. Leave it for another hour and apply another coating. Do this a further 3 times and you should be ready to dine.

Check It Out

finished cooking smoked gammon

As you can see, 4 coats of glaze makes the outside of the gammon look absolutely superb! But wait, theres more to come, with the smoke that penetrates the outermost layer of skin and fat, there comes a wonderful smoke ring.

Always check the internal temperature of the meat before slicing and serving, this one in particular was cooked to above 150 degrees. If it’s not quite ready and you need t put it back on to cook for another while, always always always clean the thermometer probe after use. We’e written a nice tidy little guide for all the BBQ accessories you’ll ever need.

finished cooking smoked gammon
And Voila! You’ve finished cooking smoked gammon. Pat yourself on the back.

Pinterest is a great place to see some other pictures.

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